Quality Management and Environment Protection Policy

With its responsible business operation and continuous improvement of all business processes at all organizational levels, Wiena grupa aims at managing quality and environment protection by:

  • bringing in line its business operation with corporative guidelines, incorporating them into its own decision-making process
  • working in line with legislative regulations, corporative guidelines as well as optional agreements the company committed itself to
  • understanding, foreseeing and efficiently responding to stakeholders’ requirements
  • founding all its activities on prevention aimed at eliminating the cause of potential business risk factors
  • developing the culture of progress that will integrate the corporative development guidelines into new technologies and services
  • committing the company management to continuous improvements in quality and environment protection management, with clear goals, responsibilities and appropriate resources
  • planning and managing its manufacturing processes aimed at preventing the contamination of natural resources by including biodiversity, water and energy
  • improving its products and services by decreasing the impact they have on environment during their service life
  • constantly improving the quality of life of the community by participating in its development

Wiena grupa is committed to comply with all the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards. Our quality and environment protection policy is the foundation of the Quality and Environment Protection Management System Manual, and it is also in line with all other company documents. The policy as well as all the provisions of the QEPMS are implemented by all the employees of the Wiena grupa d.o.o.