Reconstruction of de-dusting system for clinker conveyor belts at Cemex Rugby factory

The task was to improve working conditions keeping the existing filtration plant. By modifying the pipeline with the installation of automatic pneumatic valves, which allow working on individual belts as preferred by Investor, we have achieved the desired working conditions necessary for successful clinker de-dusting from conveyor belts. Existing fans were replaced with new fans that had to be installed to achieve the desired system specifications. In addition to new fans, frequency inverters have also been installed to optimize the system.

Reconstruction of Coal Mill Filter at Sv.Juraj Factory Cemex Hrvatska d.d.

By increasing the filtration surface of filters and cleaning efficiency of filter bag systems, the time interval between the filter bag changes was increased from 3 months to 36 months, which resulted in considerable savings regarding the material consumption as well as maintenance costs for this part of the plant. Thus the operational costs for approximately 600,000.00 EUR per year were decreased.

De-dusting of cement silos no. 3 and 4 at the factory Sv. Juraj Cemex Hrvatska d.d.

This project helped achieve the de-dusting autonomy of individual cement silos in order to increase the purity of different cement types. The energy efficiency of de-dusting was increased by optimizing the filter bag cleaning system control. Also, the system flexibility in terms of redundancy was achieved.